Drone Services - Maiko Mou - Tel : +689 87 71 95 05

Drone Services

Want an certified and experienced drone pilot  for your next project in Tahiti ?

Maiko has been flying with drones since 2012. He has  a large experience in filming in extreme conditions as he has established and co-founded  one of the largest drone company in French Polynesia  before flying on his own : He therefore can save you a lot of time for your missions in Tahiti and its islands. See his bio for more info.

Contact him directly in FB Messenger, by phone at  +689 87 71 95 05 or hitting the link "Contact" on the top of this page.

Allianz Insurance

Allianz Insurance

Our work

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Our clients

Drone pricing

Shooting video and photo

4K video / 12 and 20Mpixels photo

> $100 USD per hour ($150  the first hour)

11 000 XPF/h (16 000 XPF la première heure)

> $400 USD half day  (instead of $450)

43 000 XPF la demie-journée (au lieu de 48 000 XPF)

> $750 USD full day (instead of $850)

80 000 XPF la journée (au lieu de 91 000 XPF)

Best price guarantee • Unlimited videos and photos delivered in RAW format • Free travel expenses in Tahiti • Free flight authorization request (5 days prior to shooting day) • Free postpone in case of bad weather in Tahiti • Prices for non-exclusive shooting

Video Editing • Color grading

> $300 USD with half or full day shooting package

32 000 XPF avec un package demi-journée ou journée pleine

Editing time may vary but we are familiar with music for commercial work • sound effects • transitions • Color grading  

For exclusive or aerial/ground/underwater shooting, contact us for pricing !

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